1. Relax your shoulders and drop your elbows.
2. Your head should be upright with a light, receptive energy at the very top.
3. In moving, posture is balanced, upright and consistent.
4. Your lowest vertebrae drops like a plumb line toward the earth.
5. Relax all the tissues of your body and internal organs.
6. Loosen your waist and hips.

“Sink” – as you relax, drop your awareness to your Tan Tien (belly) so that your
energy connects to the earth.
8. Expand and open all the joints of your body. Do not force your joints.
9. Your line of vision should be concentrated yet with a soft focus.
10. Breathe deep into the abdomen (Tan Tien) and let your mind rest there.
11. Upper and lower mutually follow; the body moves as a unit.

Inside and outside co-ordinate. Harmonize your internal (mind/energy)
and external (movements and effort).
13. Tai Chi Movements are to be joined and unbroken. Maintain continuity.
14. Differentiate solid and empty, firm and yielding, yang and yin.
15. Use Mind (Yi) – not force.

“Let your Yi direct your Ch’i”. Connect your mind and your vital energy (Ch’i).
Calm your mind and direct the Ch’i with your mind.

Let your Ch’i circulate and fill your entire body. Stay full and complete in
energy and movement with no gaps or holes.
18. Above all: In movement, seek stillness.

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