Lana is a gifted and intuitive teacher who conducts her lessons with sensitivity, intelligence, lightness and wit. It's a pleasure going to see her, and I look forward to our twice-weekly sessions. I have been taking lessons with Lana for several months now, and during that time have seen an almost complete reduction of pain that had plagued me for over ten years, which is quite fantastic as I'd tried just about every other treatment in the book, both conventional and unconventional, without success. I highly recommend Lana as a teacher, and the Alexander Technique in general as a treatment for persistent pain. Pick up the phone now and give her a call!

– Emma Campbell Webster: Writer, Actor

“I have recently discovered the Alexander Technique and thanks to the strong, safe, and inspiring guidance of Lana Spraker, I feel a whole new world of physical opportunity opening up before me. As an actress, I wish I had begun working with Lana 20 years ago; she is redefining in wonderful and tangible ways what it means for my body to be my instrument.

– Rebecca Street, Actress, Los Angeles

Thank you for taking care of my patient, P. B.! The Alexander Technique was the beginning of my reorientation to musculoskeletal problems and the way I move in the world. For that I am forever grateful to you.

– Dr. Velinda Paranal, M.D.

A year ago I suffered a particularly debilitating back and leg problem and my doctor recommended that I consult Lana. I am now free of discomfort and have avoided any major relapse. Learning the Alexander Technique has made me rethink how I use my back, how I walk, stand, sit and most importantly how I relax. I travel extensively and spend long hours in meetings and at the computer. Lana has helped me think about how I respond to and manage these challenges. As a result I now have a much better sense of wellbeing.

– Peter Bull, Director Americas, New Zealand Trade

“Lana's teaching of the Alexander Technique has given me the tools and insight to help me be free of constant pain. As I gradually learn better ways to use my body and unlearn habits that are harmful, I become more free to pursue my own goals.”

– Connie Eagle, Gardner & Art Collector, Santa Monica

Lana supported me through my third pregnancy, helping me go through it with the Alexander Technique. I arrived at Lana’s in my second trimester with strong back pains. In our educational sessions, Lana did her best to ease my pains, adjusted the trainings to my changing figure and came up with new ideas every lesson. As the training went on, I felt much stronger although the weight that I carried got much heavier. I learned to deal with the pain and used the Alexander instructions between our meetings, during my contractions and during my delivery. Being very busy with a full time position and running a house with 2 kids, I needed a training that is not time consuming but very efficient and that is what the Alexander Technique delivered. Lana is very gentle while providing hands-on guidance. She explains her actions very clearly, is a good listener and very warm and supportive. Thank you for helping me through my pregnancy with Alexander ease.

– Neta Lavon, PhD, Stem Cell Researcher, LA

“A chronic lower back condition flair-up threatened my long-planned hike to the summit of Mt. Whitney. I had an Alexander lesson with Lana Spraker two days before we drove north to begin our hike. Remarkably, seven days later I was able to summit Mt. Whitney without pain! (Elevation 14,497 feet. Roundtrip = 22 miles with a 6,134' elevation gain.)”

– John Wise, Counselor, Hiker - West Hollywood

"As a church musician and a high school music teacher, I work with my body every day.  When I first came to Lana, I was experiencing pain in my left shoulder and could barely raise my arm above my head.  After a short time working with her, the pain dissolved and I now have full range of motion in my arm and shoulder.  More importantly, though, the things I have learned about posture and the interconnectedness of my body have had a positive effect on my playing, my conducting, my singing, and most especially my teaching.  Working with Lana has truly revolutionized my approach to music and to many other parts of my life.  I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness in any area related to coordination or body awareness.  Thank you, Lana!"

– Frank Basile, Choir Director and organist, Los Angeles

Thank you for all you have done for me and my health and outlook. I very much enjoyed and have gotten value from the Alexander work we did together.  I think you are an excellent and very patient and kind teacher and I learned from you far more than technique.  I am grateful every time I sink into my car seat for you and your caring ways.

– Jane Wolf Waterman, JD, MSW

"I want to let you know how much I appreciate your Alexander teaching over the last ten months. The Alexander work has really made a difference in my life and health. At subtle levels, for this seems where the technique works, I have been more upright, sensitive to my body-being, and have had no problems with previous bouts of lower back pain. With regard to the lower back pain, it seems to have gone away and remains out of my experience as a by-product of the technique and its long-lasting, integrative awarenesses. In other words, the sensitivity and guidance that you and the technique provide are what keeps my alignment and posture, and the proper walking/sitting/standing that obviate poor use of the body – eliminating the painful experience of back spasms from incorrect use.

– Captain John DuGene, USN (Ret.)

I arrived in Los Angeles from Birmingham, UK, after the lowest point in my health.  After training for triathlons, at 35, I experienced numbness, fatigue/cramping in my right hand, which within 4 months spread to both arms and both legs; some days there was lack of all feeling in my lower legs. The week before I came to Los Angeles, I struggled to pick up a glass of water with 2 hands. My diagnosis from a spinal surgeon was chronic debilitating wear of my discs, which were putting pressure on my nerves; future pressure on the spinal cord was possible; I was offered painkillers to be taken indefinitely. I was devastated. Within 1 week of starting lessons in the Alexander Technique with Lana, I was symptom free for the first time in about 5 months. My body felt like I had remembered over 5 months ago. I felt liberated. This gave me the knowledge that my condition could and would improve through Alexander lessons where conventional medicine had failed. Each time I walked out of an Alexander Lesson with Lana, I felt so lovely; the first few times I looked at myself in the mirror after my lesson, I almost didn’t recognize myself. I looked so different because my posture had improved. My wholehearted personal recommendation is to study the Alexander Technique with Lana. I believe that most people could benefit from some lessons with her, as you are investing in correct ways of doing every day things that will prevent you from experiencing pain problems later in your life due to bad habits. Investment in yourself now will pay off now and in your future! Thank you Lana.

– Dawn Cutler, Birmingham, England
   Real Estate Developer, Triathlete